How can I add/suggestion content to Travel Trade Today?

How can I add/suggestion content to Travel Trade Today?

It's very easy, simply contact us with the name of the source, the URL, their RSS feed link if they have one and some background on why you think it can benefit for our community -- we are open to reputable, unique, consistent and accurate news sources. 

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    • Who owns Travel Trade Today?

      Travel Trade Today Ltd is owned by Robert Van Pash and seed-investors who believe in it’s growth & mission.
    • What is Travel Trade Today?

      Our Mission: Provide important travel news, insights and resources for the global travel community. Travel Trade Today is a travel media site integrating news from around the world so you are better informed, educated and ahead of the curve. Enjoy ...
    • How many people work at Travel Trade Today?

      We are here to provide travel news, insights and resources for today's global travel trade. We are a startup and very much in the early growth stages of the company. There is 1 founder, 3 content support specialists and a number of outside content ...
    • How do I remove my content from Travel Trade Today?

      All authentic removal requests are honored. Requests from travel media site, travel content site, travel content providers are honored by contacting us via an official work e-mail (of that site) along with the domain you wish to remove. Be sure to ...
    • How is Travel Trade Today different from other travel new & media sites?

      We do not see ourselves competing with other travel news -- we see ourselves as connecting their content together. Some travel media sites focus on one travel product (what if one development affects another?). Other sites focus on one country (what ...