How do I send a travel press release?

How do I send a travel press release?

Leverage our brand, traffic and distribution (including submitting to Google News) to benefit your travel company (or your clients). 

You must first register for an account (allows you to access all community and commercial services) and then visit our press release submission form

Releases are reviewed and visible directly on our site in their respective section(s). Travel Trade Today has the right to or not to publish a press release at it's sole discretion. 

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    • Is there a fee to submit a travel press release?

      As a thank you to our early supporters, there is currently no charge for submitting press releases (within site rules & fair use policy). We intend to offer our early supporters a discount when press release submissions are chargeable (at a lower ...
    • Can I submit a travel press release?

      Submit A Travel Press Release in just a few minutes once you sign up for a free community profile account (also free!). Your community profile has other benefits including access to pre-public release content, community only travel content, a more ...
    • Will my press release be on Google News?

      We submit press releases to Google News but it's solely up to them (their algorithm) to decide if they will publish or not publish your press releases. We do know our press release regularly appear on Google News searches and encourage you to contact ...
    • Do you honor scheduled or embargoed press releases?

      Yes, absolutely. The embargo dates entered at submission time are recorded, and our content system automatically displays the press release at the chosen date/time. All embargo dates are strictly adhered to; our reputation and those of our fellow ...
    • What is Travel Trade Today?

      Our Mission: Provide important travel news, insights and resources for the global travel community. Travel Trade Today is a travel media site integrating news from around the world so you are better informed, educated and ahead of the curve. Enjoy ...